Honda 125 Motorcycle Review 2021 a UK best seller

The Honda PCX 125 has maintained its reputation as a reliable and frugal workhorse, since its debut in 2010. It has been the best-selling scooter of the previous few years, and last year, it outsold every other motorcycle that was on sale in the UK. It received the last major update in 2018, and for 2021, the PCX 125 has undergone a massive overhaul which adds quite a bit to the value-for-money of the scooter.


The all-new eSP+ engine is a 125 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine which produces 9.2 kW (12.3 hp) @8750 rpm and 11.8 Nm @6500 rpm. The engine remains smooth and silent, even under a considerable amount of load. The Idling stop technology, when enabled, cuts off the engine automatically after a few seconds, once the scooter is brought to a halt. The engine switches on instantly on the twist of the throttle. This remarkably increases the fuel efficiency of the scooter and can be toggled on and off with the press of a button.

Design and Ergonomics:

The PCX 125 has a sporty and sophisticated look which, evidently, appeals to a lot of people. The leg protection up front is wide, and the LED headlight spans across it. The blacked-out windscreen is affixed on top of that. Honda offers four different colours, and all of them seem to be of exceptional quality, uncharacteristic for such a budget offering. Honda outfits a 14 in and 13 in cast aluminium wheels at the front and rear respectively. It is equipped with keyless ignition, and an optional 35 L smart top box is available, which works with the same keyfob.

The LCD instrument cluster is big and easy to read and displays all the necessary information. A small compartment is available towards the left of the ignition with a USB port that will enable you to charge your phone on the go. The compartment under the seat has a volume of 30.4 L. It can barely fit a full-face helmet, which leaves some space towards the back. The chrome handlebar looks a bit cheap and out of place and would have looked better with a darker shade like the rest of the scooter.

The seating position is very comfortable with the forward set foot position. With a seat height of 764 mm, most riders can plant both feet down without much hassle. The seat is extensive and well padded for both rider and the pillion.

Performance and Handling:

Even though the engine is quite small, there is adequate power throughout the power band. It accelerates faster than most cars on the road, so you can comfortably stay ahead of the city traffic. The PCX can attain speeds of up to 70 mph even though it is not designed to hold such speed consistently. You will feel the engine struggling a bit at speeds above 60 mph, but you can rely on it to perform for short bursts during overtaking. With the new tubular steel frame and swingarm, the scooter feels stable and planted over most surfaces. It weighs 130 kg in running order, and the engine is positioned low on the new aluminium swingarm, which lowers the centre of gravity of the scooter, increasing stability and manoeuverability. The compact proportions give it a tight turning radius as well. The 31 mm telescopic forks at the front with 89 mm travel and twin suspension at the rear with 95 mm travel does a marvelous job of soaking up the bumps. The Michelin City Grip tyres provide ample amounts of grip and stability. The front brake is a 220 mm hydraulic disc with a two-piston caliper equipped with ABS, and the rear is a 130 mm drum. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) (Honda’s traction control system) is also available however, it will rarely come in handy given the modest amount of power available. The scooter returns a fuel efficiency of over 110 mpg with Idling stop enabled. The 8.1 L tank should give you a range of over 220 miles.

Warranty and Servicing:

Honda motorcycles are known for their reliability and build quality. They have a strong dealer network, and service and parts are cheap. They provide a two-year warranty with unlimited miles and roadside assistance.


The PCX 125 starts at £3,299.00.

The PCX 125 is an ideal city commuter. The running costs are cheaper than public transport and will save you a lot of time too. The easy and predictable handling should also be appreciated, which makes this scooter accessible to vast domains of people. Also, this scooter is ideal for beginners who are new to the world of two wheels as they won’t have to bother with finding the right gear, and repairs won’t break the bank either.