Cessna 150 Popham 1/12 Share - £1600 United Kingdom

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C150L 1600

Share available in this well run Cessna 150 group based at Popham Airfield. Good, low cost, reliable flying at this friendly airfield. Excellent availability, on-line bookingShare £1600, £50 / month and £60 / hour wet. Aircraft maintained on site by Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance. Comm / Nav radio, Mode 'S' transponder, 1 x VOR. Monthly includes all fixed costs - parking, annual, insurance; hourly includes all flying costs - fuel, 50 hour checks, contribution to engine fund. No hidden costs, no requests for additional contributions. The group has a healthy engine fund and £5 of the monthly is used to save for the new mandatory radio change before the end of 2017.Share price reflects your share of all group assets including bank balance!C150 C-150 C150L C-150L

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